Grab is ubiquitous - we allow travelers to shop when they want, where they want

  • Grab Mobile

    Providing customers a highly personalized experience to make their travel more enjoyable

    • iOS & Android

      Grab's mobile apps provide customers with a smooth and easy-to-use ordering experience

    • Partner Apps

      Customers can order through Grab in popular day-of-travel apps they already use, allowing us to reach an even wider audience

    • Web

      Responsive web ordering allows for even easier integration with partners outside of mobile apps

    • API

      Grab's API gives partners the capability to build proprietary customer-facing ordering, but utilize Grab's expertise in operations and point-of-sale integrations to handle orders

    • Mapping/Location

      Mapping & location services help customers explore and discover locations they never would have

    • Loyalty

      Integrations with partner loyalty programs allow for earn & burn with mobile purchases

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  • Grab Self-Service Kiosks

    Self-service kiosks provide an attractive touchpoint to draw in customers, while also helping increase operator efficiency

    • Form Factors

      One size does not fit all - multiple form factors let us match your space in the best way possible

    • P2PE

      Full point to point encryption for customer payment security

    • Apple Pay/NFC

      Optimized for the fastest payment forms available on the market

    • POS Integrated

      Keep back of house operations smooth with POS integration

    • Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Cellular

      Flexible connection forms to fit each operator's unique needs

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  • Grab Hub

    Grab Hub allows operators to manage and understand their business in a simple and straightforward manner

    • Content Management

      Item details, inventory availability, pricing, promotions, and more - without the complexity of other available systems

    • Self-Service Upselling

      Control what you upsell to customers and when, so you can create the most value for your specific location

    • Real-Time Insights

      Understand your customers and business trends in real time, without the hassle

    • Features and Promotions

      Run your own promotions and feature the most popular items to increase revenues when it matters most

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